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AV installations is our business

With over 27 years experience, we’re specialists in high quality audio visual solutions for the health and leisure sector.

Our team will work closely with you to design a bespoke system that not only meets your budget, but exceeds expectations. We will provide you with robust, reliable fitness systems that have user-friendly controls, sweat resistant headset microphones and lighting that creates an atmosphere to remember.

Over the years we’ve built up a wealth of experience in many different venues and challenging environments. Our trained AV engineers are based throughout the UK, to ensure your requirements are met quickly and efficiently.

You can trust Sound Dynamics to always offer you the best solution possible, no matter what your budget. No job is too big or small for us and we approach each installation with the professionalism it deserves.

We’re very proud of the way we carry out our everyday business and our installation work here at Sound Dynamics is no different.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our customers and the level of care we take in listening to their needs. The installation service we offer has exactly that same level of care. We’ve visited many health clubs which have had the wrong equipment fitted, at a premium price. Over-specified, complicated systems that aren’t made for fitness use and don’t work well in the fitness environment.

We’re proud to say that our concept is very different. We believe that in most cases, less is more. Our equipment will not only save you money, it will give your instructors the professionalism they require when taking a class and create an environment that your clients will love.

AV products fit for any workout

Our sound systems can provide you with all of the music and sound you need throughout your health club. Be it in the gym, in studios, changing rooms or reception areas, we will talk to you about the different products which will suit each area best.

You could even zone your music to different areas of the building, meaning that specific music types can be heard in one room, but not the next. To help set the mood, the gym could be loud and lively, the spin studio could be fast and energetic, the studio with a pilates class could have calm and relaxing music, whilst the radio or local business adverts could be played in the reception area. We have a lot of options to offer you.

We have excellent products within the cardio entertainment area to make sure each of your members can listen to the audio of their choice as they move around the gym.

Cardio workouts can be daunting, but in clubs equipped with Fitness Audio WES receivers, members look forward to their workouts. They know that they will be entertained by listening on their headphones to the TV program they choose to watch while cycling, jogging or stepping on those cardio machines. Time just flies when you're not watching the treadmill screen!

The systems we install for spin studios really are fantastic. They can be installed in such a way that the instructor can stay on the bike, giving them the freedom to focus on teaching.

There are also options for the class members to wear headphones in order for them to fully concentrate on what the instructor is telling them whilst being able to listen to the music for the class… particularly useful if the class is held within a gym area where other gym members are carrying out their own workout. We will discuss with you what your specific needs are for your spin studio and then offer you the right solution for the job.

A tannoy system is a public address system which allows you to make your voice heard throughout a building or outdoor area using loudspeakers.

Perfect for health clubs and gyms if reception need to make announcements for example, or find a staff/gym member fast. We have a number of solutions available here and will discuss which options meet your needs best. Zoning your tannoy system is just one option. This is where an announcement can be made to specific areas only. So, reception need to contact someone in the staff room or in the swimming pool area for example, zoning your tannoy system makes this possible.

We can supply and install water resistant speakers and lighting specifically for your car-parking area, which will create a great impression for your customers the moment they drive on to your site.

The products within this area are surprisingly low cost for the effect in which they make, so are well worth looking in to.

Under the Disability Discrimination Act, anyone offering goods, facilities or services to the general public must make 'reasonable' adjustments to ensure they do not discriminate against people with hearing impediments.

One of the easiest ways to meet this requirement is to have an Induction Loop System installed. These Systems are used to assist the hearing impaired by transmitting amplified sound, i.e., music, speech, etc, to hearing aids. We have a number of these available and will advise you on which one is best for the particular area where it will be installed.

Lighting has become a massive part of the gym members experience. We have a large range of indoor and outdoor lighting products available.

Indoor lighting can completely change the atmosphere in a room and enhance the experience for your members in an instant. Whether you’re after mood lighting, spotlights, uplighters, downlighters or dynamic disco effects, we can take you through each option to make sure you get the right lighting for the job. As for outdoor lighting, we have a great range of water resistant lighting which we can install either in your car-parking area, around your building or to highlight your outdoor signage. Some of the products within this area are surprisingly low cost for the effect they have, so are well worth looking in to.

The range of televisions we can offer you is huge.

We will find the perfect television for you, whether it’s a smaller screen such as a 19” TV or a larger screen of 110”, we can install any television you want and mount it in a way to suit your requirements.

Projectors are becoming a standard request now in the health clubs we’ve worked with.

Many organisations have started offering virtual classes as part of their weekly timetables. This is where an instructor is projected on to the screen in the studio and takes the class members through the session, recreating a class environment. These have proven really popular, particularly at quiet times of the day, where an instructor may not be available. Again, we’re more than happy to talk to you about the possibilities here.

We can supply and install water resistant speakers and lighting specifically for your car-parking area, which will create a great impression for your customers the moment they drive on to your site.

The products within this area are surprisingly low cost for the effect in which they make, so are well worth looking in to.

The need for establishments to offer classes at times which suit their members busy lifestyles is growing and because of this, Virtual is going to play a huge part in the future of the fitness industry.

Virtual classes can be scheduled online, creating a full timetable of high quality classes. Alternatively, gym members can choose the class they’d like to take and when they’d like to take it - everything from yoga to indoor cycling and HIIT classes. There is so much opportunity to maximise the use of fitness studios, in what would usually be ‘downtime’, that Virtual Classes are going to become a must have for all very soon.

Sound results from our clients

  • This job was for a brand new boutique fitness studio with a real urban feel to it. We were asked to install a thumping sound system with both mood and disco effects lighting in a relatively large room with high ceilings.
  • We carefully selected lighting and speakers which would be in keeping with the industrial feel that Zestfit were creating.
  • Our clients are really pleased with the result and enjoy using the equipment in classes every day!
  • We’ve now completed four Jump Arena trampoline sites, two of which were huge areas with party rooms.
  • We fitted the sound and lighting for these sites which comprised of a main ‘hub’ in a cabinet where everything could be controlled.
  • We worked well to very strict deadlines and budgets here and were flexible enough to work around other jobs which were being carried out the days we were there.
  • We’ve fitted many Xercise4Less Health Clubs with new AV equipment, both completely new clubs and refurbishments.
  • This club shows an example of the kind of work carried out. We fit background speakers, instructor control systems, televisions, projectors and screens on a regular basis and sometimes in challenging conditions.
  • We’ve shown we can work well in any situation and produce the end result our client needs.
  • Our clients were specifically after some really cool lighting in their Spin Studio and they were happy to invest in good quality lighting to achieve this.
  • We installed LED tape lighting which looked brilliant along with some great effects lighting.
  • We also installed two PA systems in different studios. The outcome was excellent!
  • We supplied and installed one of our bespoke Instructor Systems in the spin studio here along with speakers. We supplied the system within a lockable cabinet which we mounted on the wall to allow instructors easy reach of the controls.
  • This is the preferred way of installing these systems as not only does it provide easy access, it also offers a safe and secure home for the system.
  • Our client wanted to install some lighting effects in to their spinning studio to inject extra energy in to the classes.
  • We took in to account the size of the room and installed 4 excellent value for money DMX lights which link in to the sound system so that the lighting effects move to the music.
  • We also ensured that no cabling could be seen so that everything looks clean and crisp.
  • Here we supplied an Instructor system mounted on a podium for use in Spin classes. The podium gives the instructor control of the music and microphone, whilst on the bike. It can also be wheeled out of the way when not in use.
  • We also fitted wall mounted speakers as part of this install and a junction box in to the wall in a studio, making the system convenient to use, without taking up any valuable space.
  • Also included in this install was a high quality, sweat resistant instructor headset, specifically made for indoor cycle instructors.

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